by appointment

Hello! Me again! So as we have grown and had more brides wanting to shop with us, we have had to start actually enforcing some of the shop policies. One of  these being the need for an appointment. We are open by appointment only. To view our selection in person at any time, you need an appointment. And, much to my chagrin, this has peeved some moms and even brides recently. So I figured I should explain the why behind it. Trust me, it not because we don’t want to work with you/ your daughter/ your sister/ whomever, its because we do.

So why be by appointment only then?

  1. Space. I love my boutique more than anything, but it is small. It is an intimate, personal, shopping experience.  Every. Single. Piece. of my sweet shop has been meticulously considered. There is enough space for one bride with up to eight guests to shop without being overwhelmed simply by the person to space ratio. It was meant to never incur a chain store feel.
  2. Time. I block off two hours for each new bride. Which, if you’ve asked around, is on the longer end of appointment slots. It is of the utmost importance to us that no one feels rushed. I am not a pressure salesmen, not pushy, not rushy. When you accept walk-ins during appointments it causes the bride already in store to feel rushed. It tends to make the bride feel like her time to feel all she needs to feel, see all she needs to see, is over. Picking a gown is an emotional and analytical process so it is super important that each of our brides has the time in our boutique to process all that she needs to when finding her gown without added distraction.
  3. Preparedness. Like we’ve said, this day is all about YOU. The wedding is about the couple, the gown shopping experience is about the BRIDE. I want this day to be so so so special for you! Booking an appointment, having a level of preparedness, knowing the basics of your info prior to your visit allows me to provide each bride with an individualized, stress-free, experience!
  4. Down-time. Now trust me, I know what I signed up for, and this is the last on the list because it’s truly the last fundamental reason why we require an appointment… but I do work a second job. I am a Starbucks Shift Supervisor and barista trainer. I love my second job trust me, but its a necessity not a hobby. Between Starbucks and my boutique, I would have virtually no time with my family, friends, days to just take care of myself too. I accept appointments six days a week and I open or close Starbucks depending on what day. So when the stars align and I don’t work Starbucks or have appointments, I take a personal day to be with my friends, family, and fur-babies. Bridal boutique owners need their hair done, to be able to grocery shop, and see their families too! lol!

As we continue forward, I just want to thank all of you for your continued support. I am so grateful for all the opportunities we have been given! We can’t wait to help you find the gown of your dreams!