What Makes Bridals by Madison Different?

    Starting around September of 2017, when this was all just a concept, I started getting asked, “What makes Bridals by Madison different?”. And to be frank, I was stumped. I always came up with something, “Oh our gowns are designed in the Netherlands and Europe!”, “Oh, well no where else nearby carries these gowns!”, “The brides will get to work directly with the owner!”. While these things are true, it really wasn’t what made Bridals by Madison any different. Tons of boutiques have gowns from Europe, or an exclusive line, or has the owner (or family of) there. The truth was, I had no idea what would set me apart from anyone else. I only knew who I was at other boutiques and stores. I knew every in and out of the places I had worked. I knew a lot about bridal and the wedding industry as a whole, but I had no idea of my role in it. Yet.

    Now, what makes Bridals by Madison different? You. My brides. You are what makes my boutique different. You are what sets us apart. You’re unique, but timeless. You’re whimsical. You’re romantic.  You see and feel the difference in quality in the gowns. You come in and laugh, and cry, and make memories with us. You have made my boutique into far more than just another boutique that sells pretty wedding gowns. You have made it an experience. A Bridals by Madison Bride wants to be a Bridals by Madison Bride. I have had the absolute BEST experience with all of you. You’ve turned a boutique into a lifestyle. You’ve taken a moment where you feel your prettiest, your happiest, your best, your most YOU, and ran with it. No where else that I have worked, have I gotten to witness anything like this. I can now say, because of each of you, Bridals by Madison is the place to feel like the best version of you. At the end of the day, when its all said and done, what made Bridals by Madison “Bridals by Madison” is each of you who want to be a Bridals by Madison Bride, and we want that too.