A Family Affair

At 6:18am yesterday morning I mustered up the strength to grab my phone and frantically text my mom. “I need you to take my brides. I’m so sick,” I pleaded. Not to be dramatic (except totally to be dramatic because who would I be if I wasn’t?) but, I was positive I was going to the hospital, it was that bad. At that point I had been ceaselessly ill for 9 hours and showed no signs of veering off that course in any timely fashion. As soon as mom was awake she texted me back making sure I was okay and then getting the details for Sunday’s brides. Ready to help. She handled our two appointments AND helped a walk in with just her and my sister there and they had such happy brides! THEN, today, my mom texted me and said she and dad had gone and gotten area rugs for in our fitting rooms to help better ensure the gowns’ trains don’t get caught in the floor boards anymore and it’ll be more comfortable to get changed on! Seriously, they picked out the prettiest rugs and now the boutique looks even better! I’ve been super grateful since the beginning to be in this family venture, but after being forced home these past two days I’ve had the time to reflect on how truly grateful I am. Outside of the obvious reasons why I love my family business (they’re my family and its our business), there are so many more. I love the time we get to spend together, like Friday when we all rode up to Talking Rock together to tour a venue, or the time we spent together putting the store together, but probably not the time spend doing Quickbooks. I get to recover easy knowing that my mom and sister will take such great care of our brides because they know how much it means to me. And that’s awesome.  I have the best support team anyone could ask for. The sign might say Bridals by Madison, but my family has certainly put in some serious hours for the business. For all of these moments, for all of the long days, for everything given up, whether it be of monetary value or your time, I am so grateful. Thank you mom and dad for making this our business. (And thank you Mack for occasionally joining in too.)

And, as per always, Thank you for keeping me in a job where I get the opportunity to work with my family. As cliche Facebook post as this sounds, when you support small businesses/ family business you really do buy someones kid piano lessons or put braces on their teeth. It is so appreciated AND makes a difference in your own community! So seriously we thank you for choosing to shop with us and be Bridals by Madison brides!